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About us

JCLegal provides its clients a wide range of legal services in the field of commercial law in Serbia.

Flexibility, excellence, a pragmatic approach to solving problems and cooperation with experts in certain areas of commercial law, gives us the ability to provide our clients with high-standard, tailor-made service at competitive rates. As a result, JCLegal represents a "one-stop shop" for its clients.
TEAM    JCLegal team consists of talented lawyers with international education who have gained invaluable experience having worked in the most prominent law firms in the region. JCLegal attorneys participated in some of the most significant transactions and projects in the region, representing international and domestic companies in construction, pharmaceutical, IT, real estate, automotive and retail sectors, as well as leading investment funds and banks in the region.


Jovan Crnogorčević is the founder of JCLegal law firm. Jovan graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Law, Union University in Belgrade, as one of the top students of his class. He holds an LL.M. degree in International Business Law from the Central European University in Budapest. Prior to establishing JCLegal, Jovan developed his legal skills as an attorney at law at international and domestic reputable law firms, representing major clients on the Serbian market. His practice focuses on corporate and commercial law, employment and construction and infrastructure. He is a member of the Belgrade Bar Association since 2013. Jovan is fluent in English and conversant in French.


Jovan Crnogorčević


Tatjana Crnogorčević is a senior counsel at JCLegal law firm. Tatjana is the head of the dispute resolution department and a member of our team since 2016. She graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. Throughout her extensive career, Tatjana was a judge at the Fourth Municipal Court in Belgrade and the head of the jurisprudence department. Tatjana's area of expertise is dispute resolution, intellectual property, corporate and commercial law and employment. She is a member of the Belgrade Bar Association since 2002. Tatjana is conversant in English.




Dušan Crnogorčević is a consultant at JCLegal law firm. Dušan is an important member of our negotiation and dispute resolution team. He holds an LL.B and PhD from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and LL.M. from the Columbia Law School in New York. Throughout his extensive diplomatic career, Dušan was appointed as director of the Directorate for Europe and director of the Directorate for America at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He performed duties as the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Bilateral Relations (2002-2005). As well, Dušan served as the state Ambassador in Finland, Romania, Sweden and Germany. For many years he was a lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and chief negotiator on border issues with Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dušan is fluent in English.



Jasmina Glavšić

Jasmina Glavšić is an associate at JCLegal law firm since 2019. Jasmina graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade in 2018, as one of the top students of her class. She holds an LL.M. degree in Business Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. Jasmina focuses on corporate and commercial law, employment, construction and infrastructure and intellectual property. Jasmina is fluent in English.


Jasmina Glavšić


Filip Stepanić is an associate at JCLegal law firm since 2018. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade in 2017. Before joining our team, Filip was an associate with another law firm in Belgrade. Filip focuses on dispute resolution, corporate and commercial law, employment and construction and infrastructure. Filip is fluent in English.



Anđela Marković

Anđela Marković is an associate at JCLegal law firm since 2020. Anđela graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade in 2019. She is currently pursuing Master's degree in International Economic Relations at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. Anđela focuses on corporate and commercial law, employment and dispute resolution. She is fluent in English.


Anđela Marković


Full corporate law legal support.

JCLegal provides its clients complete support in the field of corporate law from the initial stages of establishment to complex transactions.
We advise our clients regarding companies' incorporation, drafting all types of corporate resolutions, corporate governance, companies' reorganization, mergers and acquisitions and liquidation and bankruptcy.

Full legal support regarding the conclusion of all types of commercial agreements.

JCLegal provides its clients with full legal support regarding negotiation, drafting and analysis of all types of commercial agreements, including agreements on licensing, trading, manufacturing, joint venture, distribution, technical cooperation and marketing services.

JCLegal holds significant experience in relation to all legal matters regarding individual and collective employment relationships.

Our scope of services ranges from recruitment to retirement of employees including full legal support in relation to sensitive issues of employment termination, redundancy procedures, collective bargaining agreements and drafting complex management agreements.
We cooperate with law professors and former judges in order to provide clients with the highest standard of legal services.

We advise clients in the field of construction and infrastructure projects.

Our scope of services ranges from the initial tender stage (both international tendering procedures and domestic public procurements) to the expiry of the warranty period.
JCLegal has extensive know-how in drafting, analysis and negotiations of complex construction agreements (FIDIC based and project specific agreements), joint venture and subcontracting agreements and contracts with the suppliers.

We provide services in the area of protection of intellectual property rights before domestic and international institutions.

JCLegal provides its clients with registration services of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, as well as legal support regarding negotiation and conclusion of agreements on disposal of intellectual property rights.

JCLegal has extensive experience in efficient dispute resolution.

In order to maintain good business relationships for our clients, our philosophy is to primarily exercise amicable dispute resolution methods, and only as an ultimate solution to bring dispute resolution matters before the competent courts or arbitrations.

JCLegal nurtures a preventative approach and treats competition matters as an integral part of our clients' businesses.

Given that Serbian legislation is under the strong influence of EU law in the field of competition law, we monitor EU regulations and practice of the European Commission while providing advice related to the approval of concentrations, restrictive agreements, state aid and disputes concerning infringement of competition.

JCLegal advises clients concerning domestic and international financial transactions.

The scope of our services includes consultation in relation to the conclusion of credit facility agreements, restructuring of existing credits, project and leveraged finance.

JCLegal provides its clients legal support in the real estate sector.

We provide legal assistance analysing property legal status over real estate, drafting transaction documents and assistance in obtaining necessary documentation and permits.

JCLegal has experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, representing international and domestic companies and associations.

We provide legal advice in the area of regulatory issues, commercial agreements, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions as well as assistance in proceedings before the competent authorities and obtaining necessary permits.


We believe that a definitive formula for success is based on constantly attracting and integrating young, talented individuals in our work system. If you are interested in joining our progressive team, send us your résumé to:  office@jclegal.rs


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